67 - the Hoop

On this day

 Sept 27th 2013

Today. Feathers and laundry.

10:00 AM...a plan.

Living with feathers

Hopefully, I will make some headway with both.  I am just about finished with the warm side of the cloth.  I think I will hang it up on the wall before quilting  the other wing.   Clean a little, stitch a little, cook a little , stitch a little, stack ( wood) a little , look a little, walk a little, stitch a little.   It might work. I'll let you know.

2:11 PM

Well, Pool of focus

Normally I don't use a hoop.   But on this cloth, these little focused glimpses help me  focus on the meeting points, manage the diversity, consider extra detail.  Remind me of closeness. To retain the sense of that.  I think a big useful cloth needs extra consideration, how it might seem up close and not just as a composition.