76 - wishing stars

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November 29th 2013



Just a bit windblown

The wind might redefine a wishing star.

and it continued

On this day

December 3rd 2013

Winter's light

Winter is settling in and Solstice approaches which always offers a new sense of balance to Just Going.  I will be  stitching and Wishing and whispering over at Diaries this month, posting  every day  until  that day when the sun seems to stand still.  At which point I shall sympathize with the season and spend quiet time with friends and family until the year turns new.  If you are subscribed to What if Diaries 1, I will be placing a star in the right sidebar, later today. that will guide you to the wishing segment each day until the 21st. Most likely posting in the evenings.  If you are interested in What if Diaries 2, well I don't know yet.

Much energy will also be, needs to be,  put into the large cloth, the Magic Feather Cloth I call Home, after all it is a gift, a Wishing Cloth. And it's time to see some of them come true.