85 - Reconsidering Reach

On this day

 January 9th 2014

Home on a not so cold morningWhen Wendy Golden-Levitt first reached out to me, well, it was like I became frozen in time for a moment.  Lost in a feeling so new.  Or maybe so far back I didn't quite remember. She shared a little story of how she works with children, sent some pictures.  Still I didn't know. What it was that held me.  How  it might change my sense of my work. The cloth.  How it deepened  my connection to my own  persistence.  I pulled inward to sit with myself.  I reached out, offering cloth as my only answer.  She leaned in and helped me see how that could work.  There were others. They joined in.  We began making a basket  to hold children safe.   A circle formed.  Nothing perfect, mind you,  just a rough ring of hope.


Home warmed in a cool light

Winter mornings in this room we are heating have a blue cast.  I think it is the skylights. I spread the cloth out on the floor. It barely fits. Held by the space I have provided.  Was I aware of the  placement?  Warm side by the hearth?  Like a sunrise. Sometime I think we are unconscious of our own conscious-ness.  A kind of Coma caused by the habit of not noticing. But really we are still there. Very much so. That is the magic of it.  Being. Choosing.

The dynamics of reachSo today. I am reconsidering reach.  The thing this circle was born of.  I again sit in the center of this cloth.  Without a camera pointed at me.  To complete the basket that hold this cloth, me, all of us. Together.

ReConsidering REACH.  Leaning in and then out, I draw the remaining rings. Some of them in my mind.  Rocking will make the basket stronger.   Isn't that just amazing  How it will form just like that. 

What was it?  When Wendy reached out?  And I leaned in to listen, rocked back to consider. Leaned in again. ?  It was simply not business as usual.   I will keep that in my mind today.  Because I have a big idea.

Please note, when I get into a groove with a cloth, I am liable to post many times a day. Just to keep up.