89 - the Spirit of Giving

On this day

 January 19th 2014

Good Spirits

Good spirits

So continuing with HOME,  after finally completing that repetitive stitching that defines the basket's edge....I ve' decided to use the beasts to define that edge as a special sort of meeting place.  To soften it further.  I shall use the characters from my lion quilt,  the beasts that document the important beings in my life, letting them evolve a bit,  setting them free to form a circle  on the edge of that ring of holding.  Allowing their giving to continue.  I will refer to them as the Good Spirits.   Here... The Explainer  and the Comforter.  Just cutouts at the moment, the idea is to keep them soft, light.  And perhaps moonfaced.   Time keepers.  Bridging past and future.  Being right here.