94- The Pocket again

Thoughts about safety on this day

March 2nd 2014

Throughout this project, the Magic Feather project, I keep reminding myself what an honor it is to  hold the wishes of others.  What a difficult thing it is to be a parent (or even a good friend)  then.  How frightening it is when you are unable to protect someone from  the awful moments when the simple path to becoming is lost.   How many  forms that takes, the holding.  How the many forms of holding might simply evolve from that caring.  How even letting go is a form of holding. How everything you do is meant to be that. Holding. How  you wish that to be True. Possible  .Acknowledged.

I will add some pockets to this cloth I call HOME.  So some of the feathers might remain free.  But have a place to come back to and hide.  Or at least be alone for a while.  To consider holding.  Being held.


Safe wishing