96 - hoops and things

On this day

March 9th 2104

I rarely use a hoop when I work. I never liked them much. So much so that I developed a lot of techniques that seemed to work around using one.  But this cloth is so intense, I enjoy the ring of vision that the hoop provides.  And then. Because of the way this cloth was formed, a lot of refining needs to be done and the elements are very different in density (since I did not create them myself)  And now since I have been using a hoop, I am a bit more familiar with the feel of it. I imagine  the potential use it might hold for me in this year where the scale of my work is changing.

This one I found  somewhere. It's plastic and quite ugly really but it's been ok now and then. But to fully integrate the elements of this cloth I call HOME,  this big cloth, I need a bigger hoop.

On a whim, I put up a note on Facebook looking for a used quilting hoop and stand, and poof,  Deanna  offered to give me hers, because it is not in use anymore.  Deanna is always very generous.  I am grateful.



Baskets and spring

Today. Today one room that is not heated for the winter was warm enough not to be heated. At least for a while.  It was like a gift,  this small change in season.