#67 The "L" weave

67 face

Description: Rayon ground dobby based on a fancy twill with jaspe pattern thread ( weave plan below)

Handwoven Sample

Source:  Contemporary. Personal weave file . 1980s.  NYC Textile Industry

67 weave plan

12 harness weave with 2 harnesses to secure selvedge.

Pattern Thread on harness 12 and treadle 12.

67 reverse faceThis weave is fairly balanced, both sides can be used although  one side may appear slightly different from the other if the same colors are not used in warp and fill. 


#64 Silk Megamendung

Silk storm

fabulous silk megamendung form java.  unusual  color combos on beautiful mat silk. hand batik, i can smell the wax.  an odd selection of different sized pieces. hard to find... some small stains, but in good condition. this silk tears beautifully. i like that since i use a lot of ragged edge in my work. easy to stitch...

this traditional pattern is called megamendung....storm clouds. i call it magic clouds